My biggest step of faith ever!

It’s the biggest step of faith I (plus my family) have ever taken! I’m nervous and incredibly excited at the same time. There remain many unknowns e.g. where are we going to live and how will we afford to live 🙂 We are moving to LA, I will be studying to become a pastor and God will work out the details in accordance with His plan!

Looking back I realise God may actually have planted this vision in my mind since I was a child (the part about becoming a pastor, not the LA move) 🙂

I remember sitting in church as a boy imagining the pastor got sick or didn’t show up and I would step up to the pulpit and deliver a sermon. Years later I remember a question in a bible class I was attending: “What would you do if you had all the money in the world?” My response was “I would preach fire”. Szkurlatowski Szkurlatowski

Why Seminary?

As my faith has grown and developed I continue to sense a sometimes un-containable stirring within to speak truth and to proclaim the name of the Lord before all nations. After several failed job applications for ministry positions, a greater hunger for the Word of God and an awareness I am in need of more biblical training, my wife and I began the process of praying.

As we decided I should study at a seminary and earn my masters in divinity. We looked at various opportunities in a number of countries and requested advice and prayer from others. Ultimately, our decision became based around a confidence in the school’s ability to produce God loving and fearing pastors, with an emphasis and love for the Word of God as the foundation for life and ministry.

In just a couple of days I’ll be starting two subjects online and next semester we’ll be establishing ourselves in the big city of Los Angeles! Right now we’re in the process of moving out and cleaning, because we have found renters for our house and I’ve started training a new staff member to take on my position at my regular job.

This is what I want to do, rather… I believe this is where God is leading us. I don’t expect it to be an easy ride and following graduation I’ll unlikely be rolling in the dough. As a pastor, within a culture and society becoming more and more hostile to the Christian faith, I could also be placed in a firing line from government, society and religious groups.

However, my wife and children have been extremely supportive, despite the obvious mourning for what we will be leaving behind (friends, family, comfort and security). I don’t know what the future holds (although, none of us do, because our lives are in the hands of our Maker), but with faith we are taking a step forward.

All in for Christ,